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  Men's Traditional Dance Costume
Mixed Media Sculpture. 84" X 36" X 36".
Back view

  Bear's Owl Mask
Mixed Media. 34" X 34".

  Headdress - Double Trailer Circle Bonnet
Mixed Media. 84" X 40.5" X 32".
Back view

  Bear Paints Shield
Mexid Media. 22" X 34".

  Horned Headdress - 1st Bank Duluth
Mixed Media. 72" X 22" X 24".
Close up

  Loon Shield
Mixed Media. 20" X 36".

  Water Fall -
Circle Bonnet with Panel Trailer
Mixed Media. 20" X 28".
Side view

  Beaded Horned War Club
Mixed Media. 22" X 34" X 6".

  Winter's Hat - Horned Headdress
Mixed Media. 22" X 34" X 22".

  See my Figurative section for more Native American inspired images in Pastel and Oil on Canvas.
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