This gallery is an overview, a retrospective if you will of my work
over the past 30 years. Below can get a general idea of each
area. Use the links to go directly to a specific genre or piece.

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Oil on Canvas. 36" X 50.5".
   Paintings from this series reflect my interpretation of universal forms and systems observed in nature and translated into my personal visual language. The key elements that I am focused on are; light and shadow, positive and negative, surface and atmosphere and the edges that integrate and define them. View my Spirit painting section.

GBW Fall 205
Pastel on Paper. 18" X 24".
  This series explores the way that glass block distorts and abstracts the world. This is a visual device that I feel in a very real way helps to demonstrate to the average viewer how to see and think when contemplating abstraction. My goal is to help the viewer build a better understanding of abstract art in general and to have a more intimate experience of my work. View my GBW section.

Men's Traditional Dance Costume
Mixed Media Sculpture. 84" X 36" X 36".
   Wolves and Humans Exhibition, Science Museum of Minnesota, commissioned to complete a traditional mens dance costume, as part of a traveling exhibit to commence July 1984, and then to remain on permanent display at the Wolves and Humans Museum in Ely Minnesota. Funded through the Smithsonian Institute & J.J Hill Collection through the Northwest Area Foundation. As part of the Wolfeather Group. Back view. View my Native American section.

Skull Over the Ocean
Pastel on Paper. 18" X 24".
   As every mark we make as artists is an abstraction a short hand for the real world. I use my depictions of the world around me to better understand abstract elements in general. The natural world and wonders in it are a constant inspiration to my life and abstract work. View my Landscape section.

Male Nude 78
Oil on Canvas. 24" X 32".
   I am still drawn to the figure. I love the beautiful shapes, lines and form of the human figure and still find unending inspiration in the human form. Like my love of nature I still find working with the human form another way to expand my experiences which influence and enrich my endeavors into the abstract. View my Figurative section.

Buffalo Skull 1
Oil on Canvas. 18" X 24".
   Still Life studies have been a great source of discovery for me. My primary subject has been skulls. Since experienceing a good deal of personal loss early in life. When I started studying art in college I immediately gravitated to them as a subject. I found that in studying them and comtemplating these "Vessels of Life" I could further heal and morn my losses though understanding that these temporal things have an intrinsic beauty even after death. I also refer to them as "Still Life's After Death". A play on the idea of Life After Death. View my Still Life section.

Spirits | GBW | Native American | Landscapes | Figurative | Still Lifes

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