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Artistic Background

1976-1980: BA Studio art at MSUM, Moorhead Minnesota.

1982-1985: Apprentice to David Kline Sr. (aka - Wolf Feather) whose focus was on the tradition history and forms of Plains Indian Native American art forms. Predominantly: contemporary art pieces based in traditional Headdresses, shields and masks
. Although some restoration and creation of traditional pieces was done for the Smithsonian Institution through the Midwest Area Foundation and the Science Museum of Minnesota.

1982-1986: Residencies: As a member of the Artist in Residence program through the Minnesota State Arts Board. Presented art and culture to K-12 students focusing on the use of traditional Native American materials and forms. Using art and artifacts as story telling devices.

1986-1989: Exhibiting member of the Minnesota Artists Association.

1985-1989: Gallery Director, Peterson Fine Arts, Minneapolis, MN.

You will no doubt also notice a great deal of Native American Art represented in my resume and gallery. I thought it might be helpful to give you a brief history as to why that is. In 1980 I met David Kline Sr. When I first met David we were both instructors at the Art Instruction School in Minneapolis. We became friends and I eventually became one of his three apprentices. Through hard work and my artistic abilities I earned my place as his main assistant. And I eventually became his associate partner in creating and producing these contemporary artworks marketed under the name Wolf Feather. I worked with him for over five years. This was an extremely interesting time for me, for not only is Mr. Kline a very talented artist he is also part Native American. His rich knowledge of art, mixed media, traditional Native American materials, arts and crafts, history, folklore and rituals broadened my vision of the world.

I know the creator gave me my talents and has guided my life so I would experience more than the typical human being. I think part of my mission is to open peoples eyes. Yeah, so we are all different that's good. Let's enjoy and respect each others differences and become more because of them. Rather than trying to destroy each other because of them! If you look closely, really closely, we are much more alike than we are different! OUR BLOOD RUNS RED!

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