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My imagery is based on universal forms and structures that I have observed in nature. So, my visual language is innately about and reflects the broader world around me. In this way my work is meant to evoke and convey a familiar feeling through the quality of light (atmosphere), surface texture and form.


Once I have selected a subject, I visualize what I feel is it's essence and approach the canvas, using color and textures to build a quality of light and a composition that expresses this essence "spirit" of the subject. I also use strong contours (the edges of shapes and their relationship with their surroundings) to create a dynamic visual tension between figure (an object, positive space or an implied object as a cast shadow or silhouette) and ground (negative space or background). I work with these elements developing the whole image until I feel I have successfully released the "Spirit" of the subject that first inspired me.

2005P 2005Q
Diptych - 2005P, 2005Q
Oil on Canvas.
Each panel 24" X 32" ovreall 24" X 64"

My desire is to create an emotional connection between my audience and my art. It is this emotional connection that I believe opens my audience up to otherwise strange and unfamiliar images, engaging ones own imagination. In this way each individual is empowered to draw their own conclusions and meaning from the work. Creating ones own conversation.

Currently I am working on a new variation of my "Spirit Paintings" that are a Homage to Clyfford Still. These while still small in comparison to the scale of the HUGE Abstract Expressionist paintings he is known for. They do have a certain power and majesty. Some day I hope to have the space and opportunity to do a series of larger horizontal works around 8' X 24'.

Oil on Paper. 6.75" X 20".

Please see my "Spirit Painting" section for more examples of these Abstract Expressionist paintings.

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Miniature Spirit Paintings
Miniature Landscape Paintings

Oil on Canvas.
10" X 8".

Oil on Canvas.
10" X 8".


All Art is sold unframed unless otherwise noted in the description.

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